The Kenpo Unlimited Teachings of Tim Bulot and Frank Soto

In the year 2010 after filming the Kenpo Movie of EL NEGOCIO and after long conversations about the art, the Martial Arts community and today's environment. Masters Tim Bulot and Frank Soto decided to join forces with the purpose of Restoring the Essence of Kenpo and with the goal to Reposition the effectiveness and practicality of the Kenpo Motion in the new era. To put it back as the Ultimate Self Defense Tool in the new environment.

After the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship creation in 1993 and all the NHB no holds barred era of the nineties and now the very popular MMA Mixed Martial Arts. Most of the Traditional Karate oriented arts got a slap in the face and a rude awakening. A lot of the theories of combat of these arts where proven wrong and therefore a change was imminent. American Kenpo was not an exception and with this in mind and the fact that Kenpo has been diluted and infected by the lack of instruction and the rupture of the line Teacher/Student by the internet video era. Tim and Frank decided to be a part of the solution by generating good quality teaching products and updated and revised Kenpo Strategies and Tools to enhance and to bring Kenpo into today's Martial Arts era. Trying to set a good example and lead the new generations of Kenpoists and Martial Artist back into the Combative and truly effective side of Kenpo.


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